How to upgrade a Cisco CSR1000V router

Learn how to upgrade a CSR1000V after it’s already been deployed using an OVA template.


So you’ve installed a Cisco CSR1000V router, but want to know how to upgrade upgrade it to the latest version?
Don’t worry it’s just like any other router. First go to into the download section and
search for “CSR 1000V”.
Next we’re going to click on IOS-XE software where it’s going to provide us a list of all the versions. We’re going to pick the latest.

  • The binary (.BIN) file is the one we’re going to want.
  • The ISO is if you deploy a manual VM.
  • The OVA
    is for deploying from a template and
  • QCOW is for OpenStack.

Go ahead and download the BIN image.
You’re going to have to login to to do this and have an active service contract to get access.
Now let’s go to the CSR. The first thing I like to do is show the current IOS version. You can see here it’s on 3.11.0.
If we take a look at the file system you can see this as a vanilla deployment from an OVA template
and the IOS daemon is a .pkg file. The file that we downloaded from is a .BIN
file, but that’s OK. You can see here we don’t have a current configuration variable set — we’re going to set that also.

So we’re going to copy/paste our filename from our [TFTP] directory and copy this via TFTP to bootflash. It’s going to take about 5-6 minutes depending on your connection speed.
The file is about 311MB and there be some issues during transfer so I always take a look at the file in flash and also run a verification command which is going to check the checksum of the file
to make sure that we have a good image. The verification process takes about 3-4 minutes.

Once our verification is successful we can go ahead and set the boot image. We use boot system flash, specify the file system & filename.

We’ll verify by using the show bootvar command.
You can see the boot variable is what we set it to and we’ve already saved the configuration and we’re just about ready to reload.

Before we reload I always like to set a continuous ping to the device so I can watch it go down and then back up.
Let’s go ahead and reload the device and this will take a couple of minutes for it to come back.
The device is backup so let’s go ahead and verify that is running the new version of code.
We’re going to do the same thing using a “show ver | i IOS“.
We can see here it’s running 3.14.00.
If this router were in production the only thing left would be to verify network connectivity and applications,
but for us that’s all there is to it!

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